As you can see, the new design for the family website is now live. Obviously, there is still a lot of work to be done on it. There are still some features missing in the new family tree section that were available in the old section. I am continuing to work on the site as time permits. I have added a page on the family tree section where any of you can submit new or updated information to me at any time. I hope you will take advantage of it and help me to keep on top of our family as it continues to grow. If you see anything in the family tree missing that you know (e.g. someone's birthday or someone's father, etc.), let me know by using that form. The information you enter will be stored for me to look at, and I will add it into the family tree for everyone to see.

To check out the galleries and pictures I have on the site so far, just click on the Galleries tab above.