Archie Lee Lucas
Birth: Mar 19, 1895 in Iddings Home, Terrys Fork, VA
Death: Jun 12, 1977 in Roanoke, VA
Burial: Jun 1977 in Iddings Cemetary, Terrys Fork, VA
Gender: M
Father: View Family Sheet Aquila Lucas born Feb 5, 1867 in Riner, Montgomery Co, VA
Mother: Alice Iddings born Apr 24, 1872
Family #1: View Family Sheet Hattie Garland Anderson
Marriage: Sep 23, 1915 in Bristol, VA/TN
Family #2: View Family Sheet Doris King
Marriage: Jun 29, 1939
Notes: Archie helped to build Havens Chapel church on top of a still. It seems that someone had built a moonshine still on a piece of land owned by Henry Iddings. His wife, Martha, was quite upset with the situation and would go to the site and pray that the Lord would destroy the evil contraption. Henry donated that particular piece of land to the community, providing that the people of the community build a church and a school on that very spot. Archie helped in the construction.