Alice Mary King
Birth: Nov 7, 1898 in Shawsville, VA
Death: Mar 15, 1979 in Roanoke Co, VA
Burial: in Boone's Cemetery, Rocky Mount, VA
Gender: F
Father: View Family Sheet John Reuben King
Mother: Letitia Wright
Family #1: View Family Sheet John Dempsey Boone
Marriage: Jun 15, 1918
Family #2: View Family Sheet Cephas R. Boone
Marriage: Apr 25, 1948
Notes: Alice was the widow of Cephas' brother, John Dempsey Boone, who had died June 26, 1945. She was also a sister to Eldridge Elbert King of Shawsville, Virginia, who married mary Virigina Boone, a daughter of Robert Thoas Shelborne Boone who was the son of Andrew William Boone. Mary Virginia Boone and John Dempsey Boone were second cousins.