Barbara Guy Poff
Birth: Dec 26, 1930 in Christiansburg, VA
Gender: F
Father: View Family Sheet Guy William Poff born Apr 18, 1895 in Floyd Co, VA
Mother: Ella Ree Boone born Oct 28, 1899 in Floyd Co, VA
Family #1: View Family Sheet George Thomas Stump
Marriage: Sep 9, 1950 in Christiansburg, VA
Notes: When Barbara and Tommy (now known as George) married in 1950, our grandmother, Odessa
Boone, predicted the marriage would not last because he was a Democrat. Well the marriage
has been enduring despite this handicap. Note, when Tommy read this, he said "I was soon

Barbara attended Flora MacDonald College, Red Springs, NC, and Radford College. She
cooks just as good as her mother did and has raised four beautiful children and enjoys ten

She has lived in Gainesville, GA for over 20 years. She still plays tennis and is a book

Added by "Tom": "Barbara is not only a devoted mother and grandmother but has been a
loving wife and partner for almost 50 years (9/9/00)."

Barbara and Tom have been invaluable in providing information for their branch of this family
and I thank them.