Irma Catherine Howell
Birth: Mar 15, 1923 in Radford, VA
Death: Jan 18, 1974 in Christiansburg, VA
Burial: in Sunset Cemetery, Christiansburg, VA
Gender: F
Father: View Family Sheet Charlie Howell
Mother: Margie Slusher
Family #1: View Family Sheet Victor Boone Poff
Marriage: Sep 18, 1939 in Christiansburg, VA
Notes: Irma was the 5th of five children and was born in Radford, Virginia. At the age of five she
came home from kindergarten one day and told her parents that she had learned to play a tune
on the piano. She then proceeded to play " Silent Night". From then on she could play, by ear,
any tune that she heard. She also had a beautiful singing voice and enjoyed music all her life.

She showed much care and sensitivity to elderly people and loved to be around them. She was
a beautiful woman, tall and slim with blonde hair and had an exquisite clothing style. Irma was
gentle and soft-spoken and was loved by all. Peggy adds, she was the sweetest wife and
mother anyone could have.