Craig Hamilton Whittaker
Birth: Aug 14, 1967 in Roanoke, VA
Gender: M
Father: View Family Sheet Dale Hamilton Whittaker born Oct 31, 1936 in Giles Co, VA
Mother: Virginia Carol Conner born Dec 12, 1941 in Roanoke, VA
Family #1: View Family Sheet Clara Sue Kessinger
Marriage: Mar 6, 1993 in Blacksburg, VA
Notes: Craig graduated from Giles High School, Pearisburg, VA in 1985 and then from Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a Major in Agriculture Technology. He worked for 5 and a half years for the Soil & Water Conservation District out of Christiansburg, VA. He loved this job which entailed his working with farmers and land owners, developing water systems for livestock, laying out and designing ponds, field strips and other conservation measures. "We would write the plans for people. If they wanted to get in on government benefits through the U. S. Department of Agriculture, they had to have a conservation plan approved by our office."

He then worked for 2 years for the State of Virginia, department of Conservation and Recreation, Dublin, VA. In that job, he worked as an erosion/sediment control specialist which inspected building sites and suggested measures for controlling run-off. He covered a seven-county area including Giles County for his territory.

He currently is the Giles County Planner, as of 1999 being there 2 and a half years. His main duties are working with the Planning Commission and he is the Subdivision Agent, inspecting and issuing permits for subdivisions or commercial buildings. In this job, he still administers the erosion and sediment control program, but he is subject to inspection by the person who took his old job. He likes being able to be closer to his home and family and to his farm on which he runs beef cattle.

Craig has such an outgoing personality and is loved by all. He also has a great sense of humor and is frequently asked to help with special programs for children in their church or school. He can be a natural clown when the occasion calls for it and his little one-year old son Luke is already taking lessons from him.