Kemper Goode Lawrence
Birth: Aug 25, 1874 in Huffville, Floyd Co, VA
Death: Mar 9, 1956 in Maybeury, WV
Gender: M
Father: View Family Sheet Asa Lawrence
Mother: Elizabeth Smith
Family #1: View Family Sheet Imogene Aurelia Boone
Marriage: Mar 4, 1897 in Floyd Co, VA
Notes: Written to me by Gwen Vest Horton on 7-21-1999. She was a niece to Kemper.

Uncle Kemp would come to see us there in the country and go to church with us—his old
home church.

The people there would want him to sing as he had such a wonderful singing voice. There
wouldn't hardly be a dry eye in the church after he sang. He was one of the best and Aunt
Imogene was wonderful. My daddy used to work for Uncle Kemp in the store and lived with
them during this time. He thought Imogene was the best and as I've said before, the Boone's
are wonderful people, always have been and always will be.


For 40 or 50 years my father owned and operated a grocery store with delivery service out of
what we called "Hoot Owl Hollow" with post office Maybeury, WV. Often, during this tenure,
he required hired help in the store and with the delivery business. Cousin Dick Whitenack and
family moved into the cottage just across the little alley from the store (and where we lived up
over the store). Cousin Dick was to help Papa with the delivery business.

There was an unusual happenstance regarding our two families. It was that THEY had a Ruth
and a Paul in their family and WE had a Ruth and a Paul (namely me) in our family. Also, to
add to the possible confusion, the two Ruth's were pretty close to the same age as, also, were
the two Pauls. Someone asked me how I could tell when my Mama was calling me or the
other Paul. I answered, "Oh, that's simple. When she is calling the other Paul, it is 'Paul'
(with musical notes drawn around this name) but when she is calling me, it is 'PAUL!!!'

(From: Just Darling Anecdotes compiled by Paul A. U. Lawrence)