Frances Marie Walton
Birth: Apr 15, 1926 in Salem, VA
Gender: F
Father: View Family Sheet Hugh Walton
Mother: Lelia McNeil
Family #1: View Family Sheet Robert Stanley Shank
Marriage: Aug 12, 1950 in Christiansburg, Montgomery Co, VA
Notes: Prior to marriage, Frances worked in a hosiery mill in Salem, VA. After marriage, she worked in school cafeterias, spending some thirty years in the Roanoke County, VA school system. She was the manager for the West Salem School, She is active in the Eastern Star, having served as worthy matron of the Taylor Lodge in Salem, VA. She is presently a member of the Salem Pentecostal Holiness Church and is active each summer in the Piedmont camp meeting as a cook.

Immediately after marriage, they left to live in New Jersey. After that, they had homes in Delaware, Massachusetts, and upstate New York, where Robert worked on various construction projects. In 1956, they moved to Manhattan, IL and the final move was made to Salem, VA in 1963. Both enjoyed western square dancing. Frances currently lives in Salem, VA.